The Gate أبراج مصر تسدد 600 مليون جنيه من أصل 800 مليون ثمن ارض

  • Where life begins

    and happiness never ends

Welcome to the world of Abraj Misr

Where life begins and happiness never ends

Icons That Call You Back

At Abraj Misr, we have mastered the art of building captivating experiences and memorable places. Building in this context is not limited to what we do as a real estate developer, but extends to building individual dreams, communities and a better future for our country.

Our goal is to create world-class live, work and thrive integrated communities where people enjoy healthier, more productive and better quality of life, thereby strengthening the fabric of our society.

A passion with a mission behind it is a world changing force

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    بقيمة استثمارية تبلغ مليار و100 مليون جنية “أبراج مصر” توقع عقد شراكة استراتيجي مع “سياك” كمقاول عام لمشروع The Gate

    وسط اجواء احتفالية كبرى وقعت شركة أبراج مصر- المطور العقاري المتميز في مجال البناء باستخدام تكنولوجيا العمارة الخضراء- عقد الشراكة الاستراتيجي مع شركة سياك - الرائدة في مجال المقاولات العامة- بقيمة 1 مليار و100 مليون جنية لتكون المقاول العام لمشروع The Gate أكبر مجمع سكني إداري تجاري ذكي صديق للبيئة في مصر والشرق الأوسط - والمعنية بتنفيذ جميع أعمال الخرسانات والمباني الخاصة بالمشروع على مساحه بنائيه قدرها 400 الف متر مربع وفق برنامج زمني يسغرق 24 شهرا. شركة سياك هي شركة مصرية تأسست عام 1986 للعمل في مجال المقاولات العامة ، ...

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    Where life begins

and happiness never ends

    Cairo’s ultra-green complex to feature energy efficient technologies

    The upcoming Cairo’s Gate Residence has taken the use of energy saving and technologies in buildings to another level. Construction of the complex is such a way that it will minimize environmental impact using a host of technologies. It will feature windcatchers, wind turbines, geothermal cooling, solar panels, solar heater tubes and wind turbines. Construction of the complex is set to commence in March 2015, with the completion expected in 2019. The designers of the building – Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA – have before this undertaken similar projects with focus on environmental ...

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    Abraj Misr to start EGP 4.5bn project in April

    The project is expected be completed by 20/8 Real estate company Abraj Misr announced its intention to invest EGP 4.5bn In constructing an eco-friendly project named “The Gate” over 35.000sqm. The projects implementation will start in April. The company dubbed the new project as the first and largest “residential, administrative, smart and eco-friendly project”. “With the mission to create an iconic building in Cairo. The Gate enjoys a very strategic loc ation, on Al-Nozha Street, Masr

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