Who we are

In 2010, the company’s chairman Eng. Ali Rabie, has founded Abraj Misr with the goal of taking a redefined approach to the real estate landscape in Egypt. Beyond just ‘brick and mortar’, we aspire to create iconic eco-friendly communities where people lead a sustainable lifestyle whilst enjoying a joyful and superior quality of life within a vibrant and attractive environment. This ambitious goal has established a different kind of real estate company, putting Abraj Misr in a league of its own.

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.”

Khalil Gobran

Create a Positive Impact Today to Shape a Better Tomorrow

Inspired by our passion-driven mission to “create a positive impact today to shape a better tomorrow”, we dream big…. we think big as a company, as professionals, and as citizens, so we’re focused on creating design-led sustainable communities which leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

Creating places that offer a better quality of life, foster social interaction and incorporate sustainable lifestyle options help us achieve this goal

We are dedicated to creating socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities where people have the opportunity to thrive and realize their potential in a healthy environment

Simply put, healthy people and communities are essential to building more stable, strong and successful societies
At Abraj Misr, we know that what we build today is actually about tomorrow. It is our responsibility and our privilege to lead the way.

Our Promise

Driven by our pursuit to be the founder of innovative urbanism offering a rich and balanced lifestyle in eco-friendly smart communities, we continue to push the boundaries of real estate development to create not only vibrant and living communities, but also achieve value for our customers, our partners, wider society, and the social as well as economic vitality of our country.