Message from the Chairman

ceoIt’s exciting to watch the growth of our company over the past few years, and we are eager to continue building on the unique opportunities that make Abraj Misr the sustainable powerhouse of Egypt.

Three years ago we determined to focus our efforts around two fundamental goals: to “create a positive impact today to shape a greener tomorrow” and making sustainable living a reality in Egypt. We coupled that with a promise to continue pushing the boundaries of real estate development to create not only vibrant and living communities, but also achieve value for our customers, our partners, wider society, and the economic health of our country. Today, we are well on our way to realizing our lofty vision, and we’ll continue this challenging journey without ever wavering from that fundamental promise.

Our ability to work collaboratively with the best in class partners in architecture, engineering, construction, design and marketing ensures that we successfully realize our aspired goals.
The vision of Abraj Misr is articulated in the company’s Principles of Value, a unique set of values that ensures Abraj’s Misr projects are iconic, sustainable and deeply connected to both occupant and community needs.

We’re very delighted with the launching of our pioneering project “The Gate”. We strongly believe that the Gate is a prime example of how Abraj Misr takes a leadership role in bringing the environmental sustainability ethic to the real estate industry.
Indeed, in all that we have achieved, the opportunities and the successes have come about because of, and not in spite of, our deep green and holistic sustainability approach
We take pride in our talented team who, sharing a strong passion to the company’s ethos of trust, commitment and honesty, work together to create sustainable communities.

Looking to the future, Abraj Misr intends to expand its partnerships and deepen its commitment to creating tangible value, value that enhances people’s lives and contributes to a better tomorrow for our beloved country Egypt.

Ali Rabei


Abraj Misr Urban Development